Many Branches Of A Family Tree started as a genealogy of families and ancestors of the Harris and Whittaker families. A Harris cousin and I spent several years compiling information about the various ancestral branches. He concentrated on the "Harris side" and I did the "Whittaker side." Sadly, that cousin is no longer with us. Other cousins now help me, which helps with the research.


Each "branch" of the family tree that has enough ancestral information to warrant it, has a separate "chapter." Some are brief, others quite long.


Most of the chapters will be updated with biographical detail once we have completed the initial stage of creating a document showing the individuals. Like any genealogical endeavor, this is an ongoing, constantly changing group of chapters. I am in the process of uploading new chapters, as they are completed, which are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. While I have uploaded the GEDCOM data to the Ancestry site, I have not uploaded the PDF files.


Most browsers support the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version is available for free from Adobe. The PDF format files contain bookmarks which assist jumping to an individual; however, it only jumps to the first of what may be several references within a document. Please refer to the index and the end of each chapter for additional locations for a specific individual. I have created a master index which shows the various chapters in which an individual can be found. The index will be updated periodically.


Many of the files are now “old” as I have newer information on many family lines. As I update them, I will include a revision date.


This information is also available on The family tree on ancestry is Many Branches Of A Family Tree II. Many Branches of a Family Tree is also mine but only contains limited data.


  • Ackley   Part of my paternal great grandmother's family. Her maiden name was Ackley. Direct descendants from about 1635. There is an excellent Ackley genealogy site on the web (I cannot find the site from the link I had and will check for it later); apparently it is contained in site one and site two because of the volume of information. A special thanks to Ed Ackley and his family for all their hard work!
  • Benezet  Part of the Harris ancestral line.
  • Berry  It took 20 years to find out the surname of my 3rd great-grandmother. I eventually found a cousin who had it written down on a paper sack! Don't forget to ask all your relatives!
  • Bogert   Part of the Harris ancestral line and a family that arrived early in the USA. Contains a few biographical bits of information.
  • Browne   From early 1600 to mid 1700. Part of the Harris ancestral line.
  • Burger  ~ In PDF format . A family recently linked to Whittaker.
  • Childs --(also Childe, Child).  This is my step-mother's side of the family tree, and I have been fortunate to find sufficient information to trace her family back to the year 1130 A.D. The document is 50 pages long, not including the index at the back. I have set the file parameters so that only the page you want to view will download; this should eliminate a wait while the entire 50 pages download.
  • Cochran  New line. File uploaded June 6, 2008.
  • Coffin   File uploaded June 5, 2008.


I have found other portraits of Bossenger Foster online and the face is similar. I am not certain whether this is Bossenger senior or junior. If anyone out there can help identify the portrait, please let me know.


  • Fletcher  Mid 1600 to mid 1700. Part of the Harris ancestral line.
  • Flint   From 1600 to mid 1800. Part of the Harris ancestral line.
  • Greer  File uploaded June 6, 2008.


My biological mother is/was Betty Jeanne Greer [only picture I have of her is shown below]. She was born 6 Mar 1921 in Northville, Michigan. Her biological parents are listed as Harvey Hinchman and Adaline Sidick. To the best of my knowledge she lived in the Novi, Oakland County, Michigan area with her adoptive parents, Howard and Hannah Greer, at the time she and my father met. She and my father were divorced when I was 1-1/2 years old. My father was given custody.


Shortly after I was born in Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan, Betty who was adopted, discovered her biological parents, who lived in the Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan area. I have no knowledge of my biological mother and never saw her again—to my knowledge—after she and my father divorced. From the information I have now found on the Internet, I believe her biological father to be Harvey Hinchman. I have searched on and off over the years for more information about Betty and always run into the usual dead end common in genealogy searches. Perhaps now that more people are researching families and using the Internet, someone may read this who has knowledge of either the Greer or Hinchman families and can fill me in on the details.


From what I've been told, the Hinchmans—or their ancestors—were from the Alsace Loraine area of France. According to the Social Security database, Betty was also known as Betty Jean Greer, Betty Greer Whittaker, Betty Kovacs, Betty Sarver, Betty Tompkins, Betty Soroes, and Betty Jean Hinchman.



January 2017 update: the new year started off on a positive note as I was contacted by a maternal cousin in early January and have since been able to "connect" genealogically with my biological mother's family.


  • Hagni   Contains information on many of my cousins. A branch of my family tree from a first cousin, twice removed, Merle Whittaker.
  • Harris (John)  The John Harris Family, not the same as the Harris family below.
  • Harris   From 1650 England to present.
  • Hinchman   File uploaded June 26, 2008.
  • Jarvis  Early 1600 to mid 1700.
  • Jones  Several generations, 1600 and 1700.
  • Nelson  Early 1600 to mid 1700.
  • O'Connor   Not a lot of information yet.
  • Pardee   File updated June 5, 2008. Contains new information.
  • Parker (Abraham)  The Abraham Parker family, late 1600, 1700.
  • Parker (John) The John Parker family from early 1600 to mid 1700.
  • Rosenbrook  New Line. File updated June 8, 2008.
  • Smock  Late 1600 to late 1700.
  • Snow   Mary Louisa Snow was the wife of John Berry Whittaker. I can recall her taking care of me during the day before I started school. A fairly complete listing of her brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and grandparents.
  • Titcomb  New line. File uploaded June 6, 2008.
  • Wallis   Late 1600 to late 1700.
  • Whitney   Late 1500 to early 1800.
  • Whittaker   File updated June 5, 2008. Contains new information.
  • Wilker  A one generation genealogy of a family that married into The Wallis Family.
  • Wolcott   The Wolcott family has excellent published genealogies. The one I have compiled starts in the 1500's and contains direct descendants to my family lines.
  • Woods   Early 1600 to mid 1800.
  • Yale   My paternal great, great grandmother was Almira Yale. Many Yale ancestors did become "famous." Yale locks and Yale University are just two accomplishments of the Yale family.

I am also searching for any information anyone might have about an individual named Irene Isabella Bellier. I recognize this is probably like finding a needle in a hay stack, but I would appreciate any information anyone might have about this person. My e-mail is


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